Your tree arrived a couple of days ago and was installed, with excitement. It was in the wrong place for first time so was moved to its present position where a pesky squirrel dived in to it for the birds seeds. A water pistol sent him off and so we saw the patinated leaves with some water on them . Lovely. I may even begin to like rain…..😏. My wife is thrilled, as am I. You have made a lovely piece of work which will bring us pleasure every day. Thank you.

Hannah! My tree arrived this morning, what a surprise, I thought I would have to wait until next week. It looks amazing - and the beautiful leaf!  How very kind of you, thank you so much. 

I can’t wait to set it up but I need the squirrel baffle to arrive first. We’re very rural and the naughty squirrels have been very destructive towards the bird feeder we inherited when we moved here in December 🙄
I will try and email some pictures when it’s all set up.
Again, thank you so much!
Kind regards,

Hi Hannah and Mark

I just wanted to thank you for the oak leaf gift. I really appreciate your kindness. 
Well what can I say……..I have had the wonderful oak leaf bird feeder for over 2 years now. It attracts the most diverse range of birds. I can also confirm that it is very robust. As well as the small birds, we have 6 nests of rooks nearby and they tend to be quite thuggish when landing on the feeder. I have on the odd occasion seen a Pheasant. The feeder itself attracts a lot of lovely comments. 
I’m loving the new addition that you sent me. It’s going to look lovely. 
Last but not least, I checked the Mark Reed Sculpture website. Oh my what a talent and skill Mark has. Truly beautiful and amazing work.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes


PS. I will leave a review on Etsy. 



Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for the bird feeder it has just arrived, two days earlier than expected. I am absolutely delighted with it and can’t wait to erect it when the rain stops! 
Thank you also for the leaf gift. I shall put it on the tree.
I will certainly give my friends your details should they wish to purchase one from you and I shall show them your website.
 I have been very impressed by your polite helpful manner . Thank you.
All best wishes

Dear Mark,

I wanted to write and say thank you SO much for the beautiful tree you made for my 50th birthday. i so appreciated the trouble you went to, to get it done so quickly ( and the beautiful bow on it). 

I absolutely LOVE it. I look at it ( and the birds) every single day, and get so much joy from it. 

It is so special and one of my most favourite things. 

I LOVE the leaves shimmering on it too, as well as the beautiful feeders. 

Thank you so VERY much,


Good evening Mark,

I was the lucky recipient of one of your glorious bird-feeder trees (with an extra hanging Oak leaf) on New Years Eve for my 60th birthday. It was a gift from my brother, sister and their families.  I absolutely love it. It is in our garden near the kitchen window so that I can watch the many birds enjoying it. May I say it is a beautiful piece of art.

The oak lead was particularly poignant for me as a couple of years ago I grew several Oak trees from acorns that had come from a fabulous Oak Tree in hospital grounds. ’I absolutely love the Oak leaf. It looks too lovely to add to the tree outside. Glorious colours. I still have the largest of my living Oak Trees in our garden and it is thriving.

Thankyou for the sheer enjoyment that receiving this gift has brought.

Yours sincerely,



Hello Hannah and Mark,

Today I received my tree. Thank you.
Words cannot express the delight I experienced whilst unpacking. Soon it was assembled and I was able to select the perfect spot in my garden for my little feathered visitors to visit.
Of course it is a work of art in itself and has already been admired as such.
How lovely of you to gift me the exquisite oak leaf which I very much treasure
Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas.
Our “tree” arrived safely today! So securely packed ……thank you. We could not be more pleased with it. Such an unusual bird feeder and aesthetic addition to our garden. We can look at it when washing the dishes and from our conservatory and can’t wait for our birds to discover the feast. Such good value for money as well! Happy Christmas! 

I would like to thank you both so very much for the beautiful bird feeder tree. It has already been positioned outside my office window! And the free oak leaf was a really lovely surprise, so huge thanks for that. Your work really is stunning and we look forward to seeing many little visitors to our garden over the coming years!
With kind regards


Just  wanted to let you know that Terry and Harvey received the bird feeder yesterday.  The comments have been it's fantastic, beautiful and will be treasured and love the names etched on the leaves. And their original wow became a greater WOW when I sent the link to the ITV film about the installation at Wimbledon. Some pictures of it in situ. Me, Bev and Lyd can't wait to visit to see it for ourselves 
Thank you both so much. Happy holidays,
I just wanted to drop an email to say my parcel arrived today and the bird feeder trees are stunning, they're Christmas presents for my in-laws and my parents and I know they'll love them. I also loved the heart supports that were a little treat for me!
I'll definitely be ordering my own tree in the new year! 
Many thanks Sian 

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say many thanks for my beautiful tree and the unexpected oak leaf decoration, it was extremely kind and thoughtful. 
I look forward to assembling enjoying your craftsmanship for years to come. 
Appreciate you holding on to it all till we returned from a fab holiday in Norfolk with super weather. 
Thanks again, all the best, Julie. 

I have just received my bird feeding station. It is stunning. I have put it in my balcony lashing it to a post.  The birds just love it.  I love it.  

Dear Mr & Mrs Reed

Just to let you know the Oak Leaf Tree arrived safely this morning.   We think its really beautiful.   We have placed it in our garden and it looks lovely especially with the sun shining on the leaves.   We are delighted thank you.

A & F

Dear Hannah and Mark,

I hope you are keeping well.  Just to write to say how delighted I am with my bird feeder tree - apologies it has taken so long to get round to write.
It arrived all wonderfully packed up and was easy to install in the garden.  I’ve placed it in the middle of some birch trees with a few feeders on it - proving to be popular with the birds and easily accessible to refill the feeders.
I’ve attached a photo from back in early spring when it arrived.  Such a lovely unique addition to the garden.
Many thanks and best wishes,

Thought you might like to see your tree in our Cotswold garden, it replaces a gorgeous tree that died over the winter that held the bird feeders; very pleased with your work. Thank you 😊

Received our lovely new bird feeder yesterday and it’s already up and running. Looks fantastic, thank you!


Dear Hannah and Mark,
The glorious bird feeder tree arrived in excellent time and condition before the bank holiday weekend so we could take it to my parents for my mother's birthday. 
She was absolutely delighted with how it looks and it really made the day special. Thank you for adding a few extra branches and processing this order so quickly.
With much appreciation and best wishes,
It’s arrived and looks beautiful! Thanks Hannah, for organising so quickly and efficiently! 

Dear Mark and Hannah,

Thank you for my beautiful bird feeder tree – it’s stunning. The picture here doesn’t really do it justice – it’s a very dull and  windy day and everything looks slightly blown off course – but the birds were on it within 2 minutes of me putting it into the ground.

Thank you also for the oak leaf.

With best wishes,


Here's some reviews from happy customers.

Many thanks for the prompt delivery. 

We thought we would send you a picture.  Within 5 minutes of the tree being up visitors had started to arrive.  
Thankyou again , it is a beautiful birthday present. 
Best wishes Sharron and Tim

Dear Hannah & Mark,

Happy New year and thanks for sending the birdfeeder tree.  It is perfect as I knew it would be.  We have just finished a barn conversion on our smallholding and it has pride of place in our reconstructed garden that is full of bird and insect friendly plants.
It will take a few years for everything to settle down but we have high hopes of our garden and our new wildflower meadows.
My wife is an artist and we run a small (very small) business as well.  No website yet but if you are interested in rare breed sheep felted fleeces and wool products please have a look at oakandwrenuk on facebook
All the best,
Clive & Kath


Tree arrived safely and is fabulous.  
Thank you 

Thank you for such a delightful functional design . So attractive. The birds were on it straight away. Beautiful addition to my garden. Brilliant birthday gift from my daughter. 

Kind regards. Ann 

Hi Mark

Really thrilled with this and my husband is too – it was a Christmas gift to him.
Happy New Year!
(PS brilliant packaging and delivery to Suffolk!)


Thank you so much Mark and Hannah!


We ordered one of your bird feeder trees earlier this week and just a few days later it is installed in the garden! Literally within 5 minutes of hanging bird feeders from it, a small group of blue tits and sparrow discovered it and clearly enjoyed their new perches.


We are so thrilled with the tree's beauty, its evident attraction to birdlife, the ease of assembling it along with its simple installation. It felt like a very early Christmas morning gift!


Thank you for your extraordinary metal working talents and vision, and for the very prompt and careful delivery.


We are delighted and humbled - thank you

Peter & Faith


Dear Hannah,

My bird feeder tree arrived on Monday! Thank you so much, it’s is beautiful and I couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived.
Could you please email me your selection of feeders, and how many would you say I could hang from the tree without it being too much?
Thank you once again for your first class service.
Kind regards,
Catharine. x

We received the tree today - wow!
Love it!
It’s a birthday pressie - slightly early - for my husband & he’s so impressed with it (& that’s not easy to achieve!). The woodpeckers & other garden birds seem instantly happy with it too.
Many thanks,
ps. love the spoon bench on the Mark Reed sculpture website!

To Mark and family

Just a quick message to send my thanks for your lovely 'tree' that I ordered for my husband's birthday this week. My husband, initially intrigued as to what was in such a large box, was truly delighted. I hope the birds are equally appreciative!
Best wishes 

Dear Hannah and Mark,

Thank you again for the beautiful bird feeder tree! My husband, loves it! We are delighted with it and so are the birds.

The light catches it in a beautiful way, especially at sunset when we often go out to water the garden.

Here are a few pictures taken on my very average phone! Doesn’t do it justice!

A gorgeous addition to our garden!

Thanks again for all your help to get it to us.

All the best,



Just wanted to let you know, the bird feeder I ordered arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It’s a Christmas present for friends and I’m sure they’re going to love it. I’ve got fatballs on my shopping list to go with the feeder so the birds in this part of Fife are going to be well looked after this winter and for many winters to come
Merry Christmas,


Thank you for sending the Lime Tree, which we are very pleased with.
Also thank you for the extra leaf decoration for our Christmas tree.

Robin and Helen

Hello Hannah

Just to let you know that I received my birdfeeder tree safely last week, it was beautifully packaged, thank you very much.

I must say that I am absolutely delighted with it, the 12 leaf option was definitely the way to go, on reflection 7 leaves would indeed have looked sparse! I’m so glad I went for it! It looks stunning in the sunshine and I’m sure it will bring welcome colour to my garden in the winter months and I will enjoy seeing the birds from my kitchen window. Please thank Mark and Michael for me, I am thrilled with their workmanship and will treasure the tree, it takes centre stage in the border and compliments the colours of the shrubs and plants. Thank you too Hannah for your involvement, I appreciate your effort and commitment and will recommend both of your websites to anyone and everyone who asks me where I got such a fabulous piece of garden sculpture! Your hand written card and enclosures are also a nice touch and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at Mark’s sculptures and gates.

Many thanks again and my best wishes to you all.

With kindest regards,


 Hi Mark and Hannah. I wanted to contact you both to thank you for our incredible oak leaf bird feeder. It arrived safely and  have to commend you on your robust packaging. It is now in position and very quickly the Blue Tits and Robins took to it, with Dunnocks and Blackbird's clearing up the fallen seed on the ground. It’s already providing a lot of entertainment from the kitchen window. Thank you so much and best wishes to you and your family and future success for you all. Dawn 

Hi Hannah,

I just wanted to let you know that I just gave the tree I ordered from you before Christmas as a gift.
My sister (and I) absolutely loved it and I wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful item.

Kind regards,


We visited Norwich Cathedral on Friday and purchased a fish from Mark's breath-taking Wave sculpture We mentioned that our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Ashill had very kindly given us one of your bird feeder tree sculptures last Christmas.  If you want any more photos or want to come and take your own photos, please do let us know.

Best wishes Diane and Colin 

We just wanted to say how much we love our new tree bird feeder and thought you might like to see a photo of it in situ.
Thank you for you lovely messages sent with it also.
Kind regards
Lindsay & Andy 


We love it. Thank you so much.


Hello Hannah


I received the tree yesterday and is now assembled and in place in the garden. The tree has replaced an aging wooden bird table and it looks superb. We see far more birds feeding due to them being able to position themselves on the branches waiting their turn to feed, we sometimes have birds on every branch cueing which is wonderful .I am convinced that having a tree in the front garden and now 2 trees in different areas in the rear garden the bird activity has increased enormously.

Many thanks for the apple feeder, very much unexpected and appreciated.


 All the best for the future and stay safe





Hello Hannah and Mark,

I would just like to say a huge thankyou for the bird feeder tree - its beautiful. A friend nearby got one recently ,and when I saw it in her garden she forwarded me on your details.

Will certainly be recommending you.

Many thanks




Dear Hannah and Mark

Thank you so much for the lovely birdfeeder tree, which arrived this morning, and we've just put up with the new feeders. Fingers crossed that our birds love it even half as much as we do! We have a very tiny garden, but this looks lovely in it, and we are very taken by the way the leaves reflect the green of the surroundings!
Very best
Robyn and Clive
Hi Hannah
The trees are all looking brilliant as they catch the sun at different times of the day. 
Kind regards 
Dear Mark and Hannah
The tree has allowed me to move all the bird feeder off a real tree 40 yards away and it is now 5 yards from my study window. The birds took one day to track down the change of location and are as happy as ever. 
Its a wonderful piece - thank you very much 
I just wanted to let you know that I received the lovely Apple holder bird feeder safely. I love the bird feeder. 🥰
Take care and stay safe —
Kate  Rhode Island USA
Hi Hannah,
Many thanks my friend had contacted me to say she had received it & the both she & the Portland birds are delighted with it.
A big thank you for providing it & getting it their safely ! Smiles all round! great products & great service!
Thank you once again, Hilary.

Hi Hannah

I am writing to say a huge thank you for our stunning Bird-feeder Tree. It is wonderful and  everything we had hoped for - and more! May I also say we were absolutely thrilled with the '10' formed in the branch - what a lovely, lovely surprise - and so thoughtful and kind of you to do this when you found the '10' couldn't fit into the engraved heart. 
We decided to keep the tree in it's box to open on our Anniversary today, so that we look forward to opening it as surprise on the day. Thank you, you helped make our Anniversary such a special day.
Best wishes

I meant to tell you...
The bird feeders arrived and I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you :-)



Utah, USA


Many thanks for the Birdfeeder Tree and the adaptor which arrived safely
and are now in place.



Thank you so much for the beautiful  bird feeder tree that is now in situ in the garden of my late mum's care home. They were absolutely thrilled with it and I'm sure it will bring much enjoyment to the visiting birds and the residents and staff.

Kind regards 



Hi Hannah


Thank you for your swift delivery of my tree, it’s up, looks beautiful and is enjoying plenty of visitors – I love it, best house warming present ever!

Thanks for all your help

Kind Regards



Hi Mark

Just to say the bird feeder has arrived this morning and it’s really lovely, beautifully made, thank you!


Hi Mark and Hannah
Thank you for sending my bird feeder tree so promptly, we’re really thrilled with it as are the birds.  I think you’ll agree it looks lovely despite having to have the squirrel baffled on it.  We tried without out but the squirrel’s were jumping onto the branches in no time.
It’s already been admired by my some of my husbands customers who have to walk past it to get to his workshop so if anyone wants your details we will pass them on.
Many thanks
Dear Mark/Hannah,
I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our bird feeder. It looks so good in the garden, complete with some ‘copper look’ bird feeders. We thought these went rather well with the oak leaves. 
Are you on social media? I’d love to post a positive review for you. 
Attached is a photo of our feeder in situ. 
Please feel free to add this to your website . 
Kind regards and all good wishes for the future.

Hannah and Mark,

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  We were so excited it see and we are not disappointed!  We are sitting on the patio and can’t stop gazing and admiring it.  Having our (and Jess the cat) names engraved on it makes it so special and personal.  So glad we found your website!  We would happily recommend you to all.
Many thanks for producing such a beautiful and functional piece of art for the garden along with a friendly and personal service.
Michael and Kimberley 

Dear Mark and Hannah,
Thank you so much for the beautiful bird feeder tree. It arrived safely and we ‘planted’ it in place last night. It is so stunning. You have a remarkable talent Mark! We will enjoy looking at it every day. I plan to be in touch before Christmas for a couple of much smaller gifts for my gardener husband! So glad we found you.
With many thanks and best wishes,
Karen and Neil

Hi Hannah 

I’ve now opened the hearts lanterns and they are beautifully proportioned. I’m delighted with them👍😊
Thanks again 
Many thanks Hannah and Mark,
The bird feeder has arrived and wow wow wow. This is grander than I anticipated and it's a beautiful piece of work. I know my partner will be delighted. Thanks again and have a great Christmas.
Paul & Michele
Thank you so much for the feeder tree, a birthday gift from my children. I love it and so do the birds - at least 5 long tailed tits on it at the moment! So easy to put up, secure ground posts and it looks great - I will certainly be adding to the collection
Hi Hannah and Mark
My wonderful, wonderful tree has arrived!
Thank you so very much! 
It is absolutely gorgeous and I love it!! I even put it up in the pouring rain as I was so excited to see it up! 
Also, thanks for the great apple feeder and coconuts. I've put them on the first birdfeeder that I got from you that is also lit up at night.
I am just SO pleased and one of the neighbours popped round just as I had put it up, so you may get an order from her soon as well. She is checking out your website!
If I win the lottery it is one for every member of my family!
Completely and utterly delighted!
Thank you so much
Stay safe
Alison xx
Skipton, North Yorks
"Very many thanks for my tree that arrived on Tuesday - better even than it looked on the website. Tempted to add leaves now too! We are very pleased indeed, and with the fantastic packing too!"
Best wishes ,




Hi Hannah & Mark,

Just to let you know that our trees arrived and they are fantastic, even better than we were expecting. The colours are amazing during the day and at night the leaves reflect the light coming out of the windows of our house. We have birds hopping about on them already and feeding off various new feeders we have hung from them. My mother-in-law loved them when she came over and saw them.
All-in-all a great experience from beginning to end.
Thank you both.


Newcastle Upon Tyne
 I wanted a bird feeder tree that was robust and wouldn't fall apart as quickly as every other one I've had. I got that. I wanted one that I could erect in the garden without it wobbling. I got that. I wanted one that had lots of arms on it that I could hang feeders from. I got that. What I hadn't reckoned on was getting a most beautiful original work of art which enhances my garden wonderfully. I love it, the birds love it, and it just looks so right. Thank you
Dear Maureen,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments, we're so delighted that you are so happy with it!!
Would you mind if we use your comments on our testimonials and also on Facebook / instagram? 
Many thanks
I am more than happy for you to use my comments in any way you like. I love my bird feeder tree, and you should be proud to have come up with such a beautiful and original design. Before I found you I had looked at other metalworker produced ones and they all looked so clunky with lots of soldering very evident, and a lot more expensive too. I have recommended you to all my friends. Thank you

Thanks for your time Hannah, we love our purchase,it's looking lovely! Hope you all stay safe & thrive, 

Julie, Cambridge

Delighted with this.....

Ann,Blaenau Ffestiniog


Lovely to talk to you the other day.

I know I said I was handing on the box to my friend for her grandchildren to be made intoa playhouse and thought you'd like to see the results.

Thanks again for the beautiful items, I can't wait to give them to my son on his birthday next week.


St, Albans

Hi Hannah and Mark,
Just wanted to say thanks so much. My husband bought me two of your bird feeder trees. They are absolutely gorgeous and most importantly the birds love them too. We put them in a new border that we created and they are the perfect sculptural finishing touch.
Best wishes,

Hi Hannah 
I’ve now opened the hearts lanterns and they are beautifully proportioned. I’m delighted with them👍😊
Thanks again 



Hi, received my tree this afternoon! Very quick delivery.

Love the tree. Can't wait for my feathered friends to find it. Will be buying leaves soon:)




Hannah, the bird feeder has arrived and is installed. It is really beautiful! Even nicer than I imagined and the oak leaf catches the sun, reflecting mellow colours. It is lovely to have something that has been uniquely made and with such skill. Thank you so much!

Take care and many thanks.


We absolutely love the tree. It looks great. 

Thanks so much

Hi Hannah
Thank you so much for your fabulous tree feeder my Husband loved his wedding anniversary gift . It has pride in of place in the garden x



Just a quick message to say how delighted I am with my Birdfeeder Tree. It truly is a stunning piece and the birds really love it!
Thanks again.



Hi there!


I just wanted to take the time to send a message to you and say how much I love my Bird Feeder Tree! You won't recognise my details because I received this as a gift for my retirement - it was ordered by my colleague.


The Feeder Tree is now in pride of place in the garden. It replaced a very rustic home made one that my husband put together a few years ago. The new one is able to take a greater selection of feeders and in the short time since getting it we have already noticed an increase in the number and variety of birds attracted into the garden. The birds perch on the branches and leaves just as they would on a real tree. Plus its such an attractive and well made centrepiece in the garden.


I think it's really important in these uncertain times to support small businesses producing high quality items like yours So thank you very much!


Wishing you every success for the future Cheers for now






Hello Mark and family.

I wanted to pass on my thoughts about my new oval leaf  Birdfeeder Tree, which arrived this morning.

It is absolutely beautiful, I love it.  When I’ve properly located it in the garden in its rightful home I’ll send over a picture.  It is a really incredible piece of art, thank you.

The packaging was certainly robust! I also enjoyed the opportunity for a free crossword puzzle. 😂

Kind regards

Claire Fraser in Warwick.


Hi there
I am just going through old emails and was happy to find this as I wanted to let you know how thrilled my husband was with his Christmas present.  We are absolutely delighted with the birdfeeder tree which looks chic and very attractive in our shrubbery.  It is now covered in wild birds who are also overjoyed with it!  We love it's natural look (it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!) and we appreciated your fast & efficient service.  Thanks so much.
Kind regards,


Emma Walters


Just to say my Bird Feeder has has surpassed expectations.

So pleased, thank you so much.




I just wanted to say a big thank you for the bird feeder tree.  I was not disappointed.  I have put it in the front garden, already receiving compliments on it.

Also, the plant supports I bought as Christmas presents, were loved by the recipients.

I would certainly deal with your Company again, and will recommend you to others.



Just wanted to say I received my oval leaf tree today and I love it, such a stunning piece! Thank you, we are doing our garden at the moment and once it’s all finished this will take pride of place.
Kind regards



Just to let you know the bird feeder arrived very quickly.

Its great.I am so pleased with it.

Marion, Reading


Birdfeeder tree received and we love it, so do the birds.


John, Lincoln


We returned from a few days away to get the Birdfeeder,it looks great where we have placed it.Thank you for the heart plant support and good luck for the future.


John, Edinburgh


Thank you so much for delivering the tree - we

are really looking forward to putting it up at the weekend!

Clive and Caroline, London


Months and months ago I ordered two bird feeders for Christmas presents. I did unpack one for my son but left ours in the packaging. Today I put ours in the garden and it looks wonderful but mostly I wanted to say a big thank you for the two apple bird feeders I found hidden in the packaging ! A very nice surprise !

Thank you again

Jane Smith

PS Our son's looks impressive too in a small London Victorian garden!


Just to let you know that the birdfeeder tree, arrived today in good order and I was impressed with the packaging. I am delighted with it and looking forward to putting it up.

Best wishes,

Ian Carter-Brown


Thank you so much for our delightful birdfeeder tree, certainly well wrapped and thanks for the gift. My wife loves it and says it's the best present she's had in a long while. We fell in love with it at the Saville Garden and it forms a wonderful centrepiece for the garden.

Robert, Surrey


Just a quick note to let you know our birdfeeder tree sculpture with the oval leaves arrived this morning and we adore it, such a lovely addition to our borders and the birds love it, certainly not your standard 'bird feeder stand' and beautifully made. Many thanks.

Rachel, Cumbria


Thank you for my lovely bird feeder tree which is now taking pride of place in a large pot outside the front door, it is a joy to come back to in the evenings and I can't wait for Christmas when I can 'dress' it with lanterns and lights as you suggested. Very sturdy and stunning too!

Alex, Suffolk



My mother was delighted with her birthday present of the feeder.

Best regards

Kate, Sherwood


Dear Mark,

The birdfeeder tree arrived Saturday.

It is now installed in the garden and looks lovely.

Many thanks.

Anne Baker



Hi Mark & Hannah,

Fantastic tree - we all love it.  I'll definitely be ordering another one so will ring soon - but can you do one with a base to stand on a patio?


Karen, Essex

-- Yes Karen, we can, just give us a call!


We have collected the tree and it looks very impressive in our little garden.

Please accept our thanks for all your attention to this and also thank Mark as I am sure it will give us many years of pleasure. I wish you both every success.

Warmest regards

Patricia Evans and Richard Eldridge



I bought an Oak Leaf tree from you at the Lincoln Xmas Market having fallen in love with them two years beforehand. I absolutely love the Oak leaves and am looking forward to making the rest of the garden around it look as good. The hearts will look great against my cream shed, hoping to grow some sweetpeas around them.

Emma Smith, Nottingham.

Bird feeder tree handmade in the UK, hummingbird feeder in the USA.
Bird feeder tree handmade in the UK, hummingbird feeder in the USA.

Hello Hannah
I thought you might like this photo of the tree you sent. It is just 3 feet from my home office window and is currently hung with glass hummingbird feeders. I will switch to other bird feeders when the humming birds fly south towards the end of September.
I have little visitors darting in every few minutes so they clearly love it.
I have received lots of complements on the tree and glass feeders.
Thank you for sending it all the way to North Carolina.
Kind regards
Ingrid, North Carolina, USA

Patinated fish from 'Wave with fish'  sculpture Mark Reed Sculpture at Norwich Cathedral
Patinated fish from 'Wave with fish' sculpture Mark Reed Sculpture at Norwich Cathedral

Hi Mark.   Great to have met you all last week.

Love your work ! Herewith our wee shoal of fish glinting in the sunshine.

Thank you so much.

Sue and Nick Barnard