Birdfeeder tree bird feeding station with stainless steel flower feeder

The Sculptural Birdfeeder Tree Bird stand is a stunning functional piece of art for the garden. Each birdfeeder tree is beautifully crafted in our workshop in the UK.

Made from oxidised steel with a preserving waxed finish, it has a natural wood like look. The Birdfeeder Tree sculptural birdfeeder comes apart in two sections for two reasons, firstly for ease of transport and secondly, so that when pushing the bottom section into the ground, it the ground is dry, it provides a central point onto which you an hammer with a rubber mallet/ hammer and piece of wood to ensure stability.

As it is a natural form it makes a statement but also fits perfectly in a garden or patio but without looking too imposing. 

The Birdfeeder Tree unusual tree feeding station can be supplied with a detachable stainless steel flower feeder (£130 complete as seen,) in it's simple structural form, (£89),  or with various different stainless steel leaves, all of which are available on other pages of this website.

It enhances a summer and winter garden when laden with fat balls, nut feeders and our own range of bird feeders. 

The handmade Tree Birdfeeder garden sculpture also makes an excellent holder for hanging baskets, either freestanding in a lawn or in planters for a smaller courtyard garden/patios - a stunning garden sculpture.

It looks gorgeous when lit up for BBQ's, we recently had 6 at a bonfire party which looked amazing.

We can make them larger or smaller, with more or less branches, with leaves, flower birdbaths, or bases for solid floors- just give us a call on 01760 441555/0744 6230451 or e mail us with your requirements and we look forward to  making your unique decorative bird stand for you.

Approx dimensions: h 240cm x w-69cm.



Just wanted to say that  as we have just ordered and received your bird feeder tree with the silver flower.  Fantastic. I was keen to get something a bit better than the usual green 'feeding station' and boy did I find it on your website.  Only trouble is it's now hard to stop looking at it and leave to go to the office....


Keep up the good work.



Joyce, Cardiff


What a fantastic work of art that you have made, a sculpture not just a birdfeeder. Thanks so much, love it!

Peter and Eleanor, Shropshire

Birdfeeder tree with stainless steel flower feeder


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